Tuesday, December 17, 2019

True colours of Fascism and Intolerance

Ongoing violent protest against citizenship Amendment Act clearly reveals the true character of leftist and separatist elements. These elements always accuse BJP government for intolerance and fascist approach. In 2019 general elections BJP forthrightly mentioned CA and other issues like Article 370, Triple Talaq in their Manifesto and with this Manifesto BJP entered in elections saying that if they come to power they will fulfill these promises.

In a democracy (in which leftist have little faith) people choose a party or parties to do what they have promised. In 2019 elections, majority of people voted in favour of BJP means majority of Indians want these issues to be address in the manner BJP promised them to address. Now any person, political party or community have full right to oppose government decisions if it is not fulfilling these promises. But when the protest is such that you want an elected government to rollback their promised bills or Acts, you prove yourself the living embodiment of Fascism and hypocrisy. Such people have no right to talk about Intolerance.

Although this is nothing new. It might be new to India, but it is a global characteristic of Left brigade. They are doing same thing in UK. Under the fake name of Secularism, radical elements are being safeguarded and even promoted in political arena. That is how they were able to get a radical Pakistani elected as a Mayor of London. And these so called liberals who propagate inclusiveness are staunchly against any diferent opinion. 

In order to fight this ephemeral resistance, not everything has to be done by government. This immortal civilization has always thrived on the shoulders of common man. It is the responsibility of every Indian parent to imbibe the patriotic values in next generation by enlightening them about their culture, history and great traditions that have withstood the test of time. For Government, GDP growth can be a major 'Key Performance Indicator', but in real sense it is just a by-product of our unified working, shared values and common beliefs. Let us understand that we are torch bearer of this great civilization, and we will not let anyone....anyone to divide this nation again. Nothing is bigger than "Bharat Maa", no ideology, no political party, no religion....nothing can come in between our goal to make this country great again.


  1. Wow Sir..मुझे तो ऐसा लगने लगा था कि अब Rightwing की बात करने वालो को पढेलिखे लोग हमेशा गलत ही समझते हैं.पर आज आप का ब्लॉग पढ़कर कुछ तसल्ली हुई.!
    जय हिन्द.