Saturday, April 23, 2016


तू तन्हा नहीं, देख, वो हमेशा तेरे साथ खड़ी है।
वो शरारतें भी पाक़ हो जाएँ, जिनकी यादों से माँ जुडी है ॥

दूर हो जाऊं उससे, ये मुमकिन नहीं।
मेरी हर सांस उसकी मौजूदगी की मुनादी है ॥

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Media, War, and Secularism

Media is meant to be unbiased and neutral, if not indifferent which at times BBC seems to do. In the past few years, ever since the Indian Television is flooded with so many news channels, all of them had started facing the challenge of being different. It is out of this burden that almost all of them have chosen a different style of presenting news, which in turn have lead them to create news, other then modifying news according to their personal goals(economical or ideological).

Creation of news is done according to the convenience of their ideology and saleability of the news. In the last general elections, almost all of them divided in two groups. Either they supported Modi, or they were against him. And they showed no sign of hesitation in getting tagged for the same. Some hindi news channels apparently come out with C grade sensational news, which they feel of no harm, unless it is reaping them the high TRP ratings. On the other side, few channels, who present themselves as sophisticated elite media have been caught in the trap of Pseudo-secularism. Out of the yearning for sanctimoniousness, they end up in taking secularism classes for viewers.

Now, the recent case is of an elite channel who is self appointed flag bearer of secularism. This news channel has send its reporter to the battlefield of Gaza. It vociferously showed the so called atrocities of Israel army over the helpless, innocent people of Gaza. The anchor emphasised that the innocent people also include many women and children. And the rockets were being dropped on residential areas from which Israel has no threat. That secular anchor of India's biggest pseudo-secular channel also highlighted the fact that only 64 Israelis were killed against 1900 people of Gaza. While doing so, she could not hide her eagerness for balancing the figures! After all, this is what secularism is! Equality! Justice for Minority!

I wonder why this channel had not send its team to war-torn country of Iraq, where more than a lakh Iraqis have died since 2011. In recent insurgency operation by ISIL(or ISIS), more than a 1000 people have died in just two days, many of them were school kids and women. More than a million people are forced to live in refugee camps. But this is not a news. Because, this is not sensational. This is Muslim killing Muslim. There is no masala in this news. Media's secularism is restricted to Muslims killed by Hindu, or Jews, or Christians etc. Because only then these channels can encash the sentiments of a community.

In many public protest, done by various groups of muslim community across the nation, people have demolished public property in the name of people dying in Gaza. If they are so concerned about human life, then there should be more fierce protest against Iraq war, given the fatality & scale of war in Iraq. But no, they can protest against Iraq war only when US is involved in that. This is hardcore hypocrisy.

But such behaviour is not expected from National Media. Instead of revealing the true facts of war, media every time seems to get carried away with the feelings of minorities. Why is secularism confined to the interest of minorities only, or why media is taking care of anybody's interest, for that matter. It should present facts without getting affected by the compulsion of being politically correct. Unless that happens, Indian Media, especially electronic media can not claim itself as true voice of Indian public.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

स्वतंत्रता संग्राम सैनानी स्वर्गीय श्री ब्रजेन्द्र केशोरैया जी (मेरे बाबा) की पावन पुण्य तिथि पर समर्पित चंद पंक्तियाँ

सजा के सपने आँखों में चले थे हम वहां
स्वर्णिम आभा माँ की आलोकित होगी जहाँ.
माँ तुझे समर्पित थी जवानी, और बाकि जिंदगानी,
तेरे ही दम से दफ़न कर दी दुष्ट फिरंगी की मनमानी.

सींचकर अपने लहू से आजाद तुझे कराया था,
हम कि जिसके सर पे मेहरबान तेरा साया था.
जुबाँ पे हिन्द, लहू में हिन्द, रोम-रोम में हिंदुस्तान था,
जिस्म अलग हुआ मगर रूह में वो सनातन था.

हुए स्वतंत्र पर स्वावलंबी बनना बाकि था,
ली शपथ, पहना चोला, रंग-रूप जिसका खादी था.
चल पड़े लेकर ध्वज नूतन ग्राम स्वावलंबन का,
कर लिया आलिंगन आन्दोलन का,
जाति का भेद मिटाने, शिक्षा का चिरंतन दीप जलाने,
निकल पड़े हम सेनानी, भारत माँ की सेवा में लिख गए एक अमर कहानी.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

नीम का पेड़

आज सुबह जब खिड़की खोली,
नीम की पत्ती मुझसे बोली,
में तो हूँ इतनी कडवी,
फिर भी तुम रोज निहारते, मुझे देखकर खुश हो जाते.
कारण क्या है ये तो बताओ,
ऐसे ना तुम मुझे सताओ.
प्रश्न सुन में मुस्काया, हुआ चकित, थोडा भरमाया,
होठों पर मुस्कान बन, आये दिन पुराने याद,
याद आई वो पकी निमोरियां बहुत दिनों के बाद,
उनको देख में झुंझलाता,
आँगन में खेल न पाता.
जब सूखी पत्तियों में लगती आग,
धुएं से हो जाता बुरा हाल.
शाम को जब सूरज ढल जाता, चंदा मामा छत पर आता,
गरम हवा जब मुझे जलाती,
नीम की पत्तियां ठंडी-ठंडी,
उस गर्मी से हमें बचातीं.
दशहरे पर जब उडती पतंग,
नीम का वो पेड़ हमेशा रहता था संग,
ये उसी की ठंडी छाँव का कमाल था,
जो जेठ की भरी दुपहरी में पतंग उड़ाते,
और नीचे आकर माँ की खूब सारी डांट खाते.
ऐसी अनेकानेक यादों से भरा है बचपन,
और हर उस याद में रचा-बसा है वो नीम का पेड़.
उसकी पत्तियां हो सकता है कडवी लगेंगी,
पर उससे जुडी यादें हमेशा मीठी रहेंगी.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love what you do.......

Belief can change our world,
It makes us realize our potential,              
But it needs something,
Something which is essential,
Something which we all own.
But it remains unknown under the curtain of negligence,
We’ll be able to unhide it if we show some prudence.
& this prudence will lead us to our transformation,
Only, & if only, we follow our true passion!

It is the courage! Courage of moving that extra inch when going gets tough, courage of trying new things in life, courage of overcoming the fear of failure. But the question remains how’ll we do that? Luckily, answer is in one word – PASSION.
I’ve realised that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the realization that something is more important than fear. And this something is something which you are passionate about!

Soldiers, who are willing to sacrifice their lives in battlefield, don’t do so because they are extremely brave, rather, they do it for a cause, a cause which is more important than anything else in their life. 

So crux of the story is, in order to become brave, you got to find something important in your life, something meaningful, something for which you are willing to move that extra inch, something you are passionate about.

The moment we do so, our job is half done! What remains is just the secondary part. Because your passion will infuse the other prerequisites in your personality. It will make you work hard, it will make you achieve the level of required skills, though you do need some sort of discipline in your life. 

Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar. Despite of his mastery over strokes, his years of hard work, credit for his greatness goes to his hunger(definitely hunger for runs!) By saying this I’m not undermining the importance of hard work, or skills. These qualities are definitely required, these are necessary, but, these alone are not Sufficient! We got to have hunger/passion for whatever thing we choose to do in our life.  We got to LOVE what we DO. (Reminds me of Steve Jobs speech in Stanford Univ.) 

I intended to write some poem here. But, what came out is what you’ve just read. Basically, I felt like writing something, so I wrote it. I don’t care if you like it or not, I don’t care if you make some goddie-goddie comments or not, I don’t care if you share it or not, what i do care is that I followed my passion. (Although, while writing this, I’ve suggested you some ways to publicize my blog!! Haha!) 

So, Be passionate about your ideas, about your dreams. Don’t do things just because you have to! Your dreams will surely come true, just listen your heart and give it all! Remember the immortal words of Swami Vivekananda: जीवन की अवधि थोड़ी है और म्रत्यु अनिवार्य है, इसलिए आओ, हम अपने आगे एक महान आदर्श खड़ा करें और उसके लिए अपना सर्वस्व त्याग दें.....

Monday, April 23, 2012


विवशता की इस घडी में भी,
पौरुष को महसूस कर पा रहा हूँ मैं,
तोड़ रहा था जो शरीर को कल तक,
वही दर्द आज धमनियों में उफान ला रहा है.
 ऐसा नहीं है कि जीवन से घृणा है मुझे,
ये आकर्षण है मृत्यु का, जो अपने पास बुला रहा है.

खींच रहा है पास अपने वो ढलता हुआ सूरज,
अंत निश्चित है,
पर नहीं है अंश लेशमात्र भी कायरता का.
और हो भी क्यों,
जीवन भर क्षितिज कि और भागने से बेहतर है,
ढलते सूर्य की और प्रस्थान.

एक कशिश है उस ढलते हुए सूरज में,
यह जीवन से पलायन नहीं,
यह तो स्वयं को उस निराकार से एकाकार करना है.
शायद यही जीवन का मर्म है, जीवन का अर्थ है,
जीवन-मोह को त्यागना,
सफल जीवन की पहली शर्त है.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

बावरा मन

आज फिर कहीं दूर जाने को मन करता है,
ज़िन्दगी से मुंह चुराने को मन करता है.
न जाने क्यूँ होता है ऐसा,
जब खुद से ही सवाल करने को मन करता है.

इस अँधेरी काली रात में,
जब कि सवेरा नजदीक है, न जाने क्यूँ ये मन,
सवेरे के उजालेपन पर शक करता है.

अटल है नियम प्रकृति का, जानता है, समझता भी है,
फिर भी न जाने क्यूँ, ये बावरा मन, 
सूखे पेड़ को देखकर,
बसंत के यौवन पर शक करता है.

बरसता है यूँ तो हर साल ही,
पर न जाने क्यूँ इस बार ये मन,
जेठ की दुपहरी में तपकर,
सावन की गीली रातों पर शक करता है.

बचपन से पढ़ा, जाना, और समझा है,
आत्मा न कभी मरती है,
वह तो वस्त्रों की भांति शरीर बदलती है,
फिर भी न जाने क्यूँ, ये नादां मन,
ज़र्जर शरीर को देखकर,
आत्मा की अमरता पर शक करता है.