Sunday, July 17, 2011

Once again.....

Once again blood spilt on streets,
Once again we were brought to our knees.
Once again innocent people put to death,
Once again Mumbai is in grip of wrath.

But this didn’t come as a surprise,
It was expected, waiting to happen,
Anytime it could be sudden demise.

What else can be expected from an impotent government,
 For past 7 years they have been painfully reluctant.
And what message they have sent to the world,
Come & slaughter us, we will remain lulled.
Even if we got you, even if our court prosecute you,
We won’t hang you, we won’t execute you.

Once again there left a huge question mark,
Why can’t we become unassailable?
When will we learn to retaliate?
Sadly there is no one to give the answer,
Till then it will keep killing us like a cancer.